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Cape Coral, Forida

Boating in Florida is a fantastic experience. Many luxury homes in Cape Coral have private boat docks just feet behind the home, down the grassy slope at the canal’s edge. You can moor your rented boat right there on the property and start your boat tours directly from your vacation home!

Just some of the reasons Boats n More is your best choice for a safe and exciting journey...


  • We are a fully licensed rental company.
  • Captain Simi holds his official license and certification from the U.S. Coast Guard.


  • We carry Commercial Liability Insurance. Always inquire about liability insurance. If another rental company rents boats that are not properly insured as a Commercial Vessel, then damage or personal injuries will not be covered, and the renter is personally liable. Rest assured that Boats n More’s boats and you are fully covered by our Commercial Liability Insurance. The insurance policies can be viewed at any time.


  • Because we take your safety very seriously, Boats n More does not allow activities like water skiing, tubing (inflatable rings), knee boards, wake boards, banana boat, and the like, while piloting your boat. The Boats n More fleet is not equipped for, or intended for waterskiing, tubing, wake boarding, knee boards, banana boats, and the like. Use of the boat for purposes other than for which it is designed is extremely dangerous and not allowed. Please see further description.
  • Tubing (inflatable rings), knee boards, banana boats and wake boards are excluded from our insurance. Before you rent any of the above-mentioned sports equipment, you should always ask to view the insurance policy to verify exactly what is covered, the amount of coverage and that the type of insurance is “commercial”.
  • For water skiing, the coverage provided is not sufficient. Personal injury damages in the range of $20,000, make this coverage far from sufficient. The renter would have to personally pay any difference.

Excerpt from our insurance conditions:

Coverage B, Water Skiing Coverage Limitation of Liability
Whilst the Insured vessel is being used for water skiing, the third party liability limits relating to this activity are reduced to:

Property damage                  US $10,000
Bodily Injury                         US $10,000

Maximum any one incident   US $20,000

Quality, Reliability & Value

  • We offer only high-quality, durable motor boats, ideal for the waters in our area.
  • Our rates are competitive, offering the best value.
  • Our boats are always in a neat and clean condition.
  • We perform regular preventative maintenance.
  • All boats are equipped with all required safety equipment in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard standards. On each rental boat are lifejackets, fire extinguisher, flares, Pipes, sea charts and GPS, docking ropes, fenders and a small first-aid kit. Coolers are available upon request (free of charge).
  • We are always available to respond to an emergency 24 hours a day.
  • Tow Boat U.S. boat-towing service is readily available should you run into trouble.

Boating Instruction

A boat license is not mandatory to rent and drive a boat in Florida. You only need to have a valid driver license. Experience with boating is not mandatory. For this reason, Boats n More provides a detailed, free boat training on the first day of rental. You will learn the proper operation of the boat, as well as the rules and peculiarities of the local boat traffic.

If you were born on or after 1 January 1988 you need a Florida Boating Safety Identification Card according to FL law. To obtain this ID card, you must make an online course for free. After passing the test (80% of the 60 questions must be answered correctly) you will get the ID card online. More information can be found at where you can register yourself and start the course. For questions about the test you can contact Captain Simi at (+1) 239 565 6710.
  • You receive very thorough, "real" boat-training for at least 45 minutes on the water.
  • All of our services and training can be delivered in English and German on special request.
The licensed Captain's first travels with you on the river or the sea (depending on the location your lodging) to instruct you on the “Rules of the Sea” for at least 45 minutes on the water. The exact time depends on location and your previous boating experience and knowledge. You will understand how charts are read and why signs are sometimes illogical. You will learn in which waterways you can ride safely and about the numerous beautiful islands around Cape Coral, some of which cannot be reached by car. You will find that the thorough, practical training ensures that your boating experience will be as wonderful as the “boat-trips” you’ve taken before.

Your Voyage

After your training, YOU become the captain, and you decide where you’re headed next. We recommend the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva (accessible only by boat), Pine Island, Estero Island and many more. There’s something for everyone whether you plan to relax, collect shells, and swim or find other adventure. En route, you may want to visit one of the cozy, waterfront restaurants with their own berths. Watching the dolphins in the water just feet from you promises to be an unforgettable experience. There are also many other unique inhabitants of our waters, such as manatees. Enjoy the wind and the incomparable journey across the water.

Immerse yourself in another world - with a boat from BOATSNMORE.

Tip: A rental for your entire vacation offers the best value. The ocean always awaits your visit....